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Coming Home's Housing First Model

The Housing First model prioritizes securing long-term housing for people experiencing homelessness as a first measure, providing a platform from which they can pursue personal goals and improve their quality of life. Coming Home has built upon this model and developed an evidence-based, comprehensive approach.


6 pillars of Support

Create individualized, flexible and adaptive Support plans
  Community     engagement  
Facilitate reintigration and career development
Our 4 Components

Street Outreach

Our outreach team meets people where they are at, both physically and mentally, in order to provide life-saving supplies, address vital needs and seek out individuals that may be ready to transition to long-term housing. Our team often reaches people who are unaware of local resources that they may qualify for and who otherwise might not seek assistance. They work tirelessly to provide assistance on the front lines and build the kind of rapport and trust that will allow the City of Amarillo and other organizations to effectively engage with indivudals in our city experiecing homelessness. 

Case Management

Once a client is housed, our Case Managers provide on-going, wrap-around support services in order to help our clients meet vital needs, maintain housing stability and achieve long-term goals. Our Case Managers help our clients access medical, mental health and rehabilitative services, local resources for food, clothing and cellphone service and assist in their application for SSI, Disability, and veterans benefits. Clients are visited frequently, usually weekly or biweekly in order to continually assess the clients current state and needs. 

Peer Support

Our Peer Support Specialists meet with clients regularly to develop a one-on-one support plan that includes sharing of lived experiences, guidance in developing recovery and coping methods, modeling recovery and helping clients navigate their community in order to access resources and search for gainful employment and education opportunities. 

Our Peer Supports also facilitate community engagement. Peer support specialists organize support groups and outings that promote communication and socialization, provide healthy outlets and present new hobbies. Our Development Center presents an opportunity to share a meal with peers and engage in life-enrichment activities such as art therapy classes conducted by a member of our team. 

Prep Academy 

Prep Academy is a part-time, transitional employment opportunity and job training program for individuals at risk of homelessness due to significant barriers to employment. Prep Academy provides the environment and tools necessary for individuals to establish health habits, obtain reputable work history, and receive guidance in their search for favorable and sustainable long-term employment.


Prep Academy participants learn and apply the principles of beautification while working to clean up Amarillo's downtown area, Rails to Trails, and many of our parks. They complete computer literacy training that helps them create resumes, prepare for interviews and search for favorable employment opportunities. 

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